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Black Lagoon Stamping

Let's dance the jitterbug, baby!

Black Lagoon Stamping Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

You've just discovered blacklagoonrate, stamping community for the anime/manga series Black Lagoon. Read the rules, fill out the application and find out which BL character you are most like!

Also take a look at our community's LIST OF AFFILIATES and write a comment if you would like to be added to it.

Lastly don't hesitate to contact mouette_lunaire if you have any further questions, comments or suggestions concerning the community.


{+} Keep it civil. Insults to other members will not be tolerated.

{+} After joining the community fill out the application, post it under an lj-cut and tag your application as 'unstamped'.

{+} You don't need to be stamped in order to vote. In fact you are even required to vote on all unstamped applications before posting your own application.

{+} Wait. You will be stamped after approximately 5 votes. Please give us some time to get your stamping done but don’t hesitate to remind us if it happens to take forever or if you believe that your application has been forgotten by mistake.

{+} VOTING: You can vote an applicant as up to two characters and mention as many as you like, but please remember to bold your final choice(s)! You can do so by <*b*>using this code<*/b*> without the *.

{+} ELABORATE YOUR CHOICE(S)! You don't need to write an essay, but you do need to give a good reason showing why YOU think the applicant fits the character you chose.

{+} You may re-apply as often as you like. However, you must wait at least two months before posting a re-application. If we find you abusing this rule for pushing or reapplying every other month just for the heck of it we will probably put a stop to it though.

{+} Were you looking for that subject line to include? Forget it. Just follow the rules and say what you want.


Copy and paste what's in the box and you're game!


After having received your regular stamp you can also apply for our themes.



You may vote applicants as any character present in the series. To refresh your memory you can take a look at the list of characters at Wikipedia.

Use the list to your heart's content. Applicants come in more variations than Rock or Revy after all.


Aaaand that's it. So apply, get your stamp, stick around to vote, spread the word and have fun!

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